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Issues To Consider

Couples seeking a fair divorce settlement and who are willing to make their own decisions about their future are excellent candidates for Mediation.

Mediation also works for couples who want to separate. Temporary agreements can be reached to handle any immediate concerns, pending a final separation or divorce agreement. Mediation is also ideal for unmarried couples with or without kids and paternity cases just to name a few.

It's a common misconception that only low conflict couples can effectively use Mediation to resolve their martial issues. This is hardly ever the case as most couples have a fair amount of anger. Usually, one party has been unhappy for a significant amount of time before deciding on a separation while the other party hears of a divorce and goes into shock. Naturally there is going to be some level of conflict. Mediation can be effective for couples regardless of whether it is low conflict or high.

If you want to make your own decisions about the future, then Mediation may be the choice for you.

The First Step Towards Divorce Mediation

You can decide for yourself if Mediation is right for you. Lydia Glass offers a consultation which may help you in your decision process. If you need other information regarding Mediation or professional help, please contact Lydia Glass at (626) 792-4153 or

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