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Dear Dr. Glass,

I just wanted to say "Thank You!!" for changing my life.  Prior to your hypnosis, I was haunted for years after a situation at the Post Office.  In 2012, I came "crashing down again" after being in therapy with another doctor for years.  That is when he suggested the hypnotherapy with you.

With every ounce of gratitude, I thank you for 'freeing' me from my hurtful past.

I imagine that many of the people you treat, you probably never hear from again and you never know what became of them.

I am one of your success stories: Hypnotherapy works!  I have my life back again!

When I read in the newspaper about the military people harmed with PTSD, I know what they are experiencing (although theirs had a different origin) I only wish and pray that what you do with hypnotherapy could help all of them.  Living under a shadow of the past is crippling and painful. 

Thank you for my freedom.

Carol D.

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