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General Information About This Site

Dr. Glass maintains this Web site as a way to promote her Mediation Services as well as educate the general public about Mediation. She understands that people interested in these services are seeking answers, help, and support in many forms. The goal of this site is to answer common questions, provide information on the benefits of Mediation and how it works, offer outside resources and links, and most importantly, help you decide whether Mediation is right for you.

This Web site is not to be considered an emergency response system or a crisis line. If you are in an emergency situation or face a crisis, please call your local police department or call the emergency room of your local hospital.

How To Browse This Site

When you first visit this site you should see the Welcome page. If you enter on another page, you may click the "Home" button at any time to return to the Welcome page. You will find many links within the text on the Welcome page that will help direct you to the information you are seeking. Running down the left side of every page is a navigation bar. At the bottom of every page is a text based navigation bar. These navigational aids contain links to all sections of this site. If you have any problems browsing this Web site whether it be a broken link or a page that does not show correctly on your system, you may e-mail the webmaster. You will receive a response to your issue as soon as possible.

Questions Or Comments

Questions? Lydia Glass encourages you to e-mail or call her with any questions about Mediation. You may also contact her for a consultation. Dr. Glass tries hard to give you useful information and resources on our site. There always will be specific or circumstantial questions that are not addressed. She will do her best to answer your question or direct you to where you can find the answers.

Comments? Perhaps you have some ideas about other information that you would like to see on this Web site such as an organization, book, or other resource that you think is helpful. You may have found something that is out of date or unclear. Whichever the case, please contact Lydia Glass and let her know. Her goal is to maintain a Web site that is resourceful, current, and at the top of her field.

Lydia Glass values your questions and comments. These interactions help her educate couples about the importance of Mediation. Correspondence with Dr. Glass does not constitute a professional relationship of any kind nor is it confidential until a contract establishes a professional relationship.

Mediation Services And Professional Help

You can decide for yourself if Mediation is right for you. If you need other information regarding Mediation or professional help, please contact Lydia Glass at

Besides specializing in Divorce Mediation, Dr. Lydia Glass also runs her own private practice in Pasadena, California as a Clinical Psychologist and as a Marriage & Family Therapist. Dr. Glass has also been providing psychotherapy for over 25 years... (more)


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