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As an example, construction contracting is becoming increasingly complex and litigious. Construction contracting has never been a simple business, but over the past years it has become even more complex. This can put both owners and contractors at a high potential for contract disputes.

Mediation is a process where the disputants (rather than the lawyers or judges) maintain control of the process, the costs and the outcome. Mediation, is an alternative dispute resolution technique, and is growing in popularity.

Mediation has shown some impressive results. Over 80% of the disputes that are voluntarily submitted to Mediation are satisfactorily resolved. And, even for court-referred Mediations, over 50% are settled satisfactorily without burdening the court system. Yet, few people fully understand the process.

Besides specializing in Divorce Mediation, Dr. Lydia Glass also runs her own private practice in Pasadena, California as a Clinical Psychologist and as a Marriage & Family Therapist. Dr. Glass has also been providing psychotherapy for over 25 years... (more)


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